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July 07, 2008



These are the types of articles that are worth reading! Bottom line; anything can be automated and technology seems to always be at the forefront when there are discussions of EMR, PHRs etc. IT IS NOT A TECHNOLOGY ISSUE! PRIVACY! PRIVACY! PRIVACY! Search deep into the motives of each player in the on-line PHR or medical record game. Insurers – MOTIVE: collusion between them—they share common data fields about you. Think that your new job didn’t access your medical records prior to you getting that job? THINK AGAIN! Google/Microsoft – MOTIVE: targeted or direct marketing about a particular disease/age group or whatever. If you put 185/110 as your blood pressure on either one of these portals –Rest assured you will start receiving high blood pressure articles in your mailbox along with a pharmaceutical ad or two about high blood pressure! Write to your senators about PRIVACY and get laws in place before you worry about automation...and btw, I would be very curious to know the # of people who work for Microsoft and Google that have put their medical records on-line. Bill Gates?--- I SERIOUSLY DOUBT IT!

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